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PR: John Joseph Kennedy's April 11th International Teleseminar: Creativity & Entrepreneurship

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You don't want to miss this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to hear JJK speak!
And discover the secrets of YOUR divine purpose in life!

JJK Author of Creativity & Entrepreneurship© and The 72-Hour Entrepreneur


“The Creative Evolution of an Intellectual Property©”

ATLANTA, GA. International award-winning speaker, marketing guru and entrepreneur extraordinaire, John Joseph Kennedy (JJK) asks: Are you searching for your purpose in life? Are you living you passion? Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to get it off the ground; be it a book, an invention, a new product or a new business? Or do you wish to expand your vision or business and take it to the next level of perfection?

If so, then JJK’s April 11th tele-seminar, Creativity & Entrepreneurship: The Creative Evolution of an Intellectual Property© is for you! John Joseph Kennedy's March 2005 Teleseminar was an overwhelming success and he has been asked to repeat it!

Join U.S. Presidential candidate (2004 Write-In Candidate to “Right the Wrongs of America!”) John Joseph Kennedy, President & CEO of JJK Enterprises - John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc. for a free one-hour introductory conference call Monday, April 11, 2005 at 8PM EST to determine if this 5-day tele-seminar is for you.

"In each of us, there is a creative spark - a unique purpose and destiny for which we are born. Most of us have forgotten what that special gift is, or we are afraid to live it. My successful secret formula will help you unlock your creative potential and discover your purpose in life. Passion, right-action, hard work and a commitment to excellence will create the quantum leap you desire in your life today!" says Kennedy, a Who’s Who of International Professionals 2003-2004 (top 10% in the world).

In this powerful and enlightening 5-day (1-hour per day) conference beginning April 11th (Free), 14, 18, 21, & 24 @ 8PM EST, Kennedy shares his blueprint for success (JJK 24-Secrets for Success™) to show you how to use your intellect and creativity to create success and wealth in your life today! “It's about a creative evolution--moving forward, striving harder to achieve your desired dreams and goals, and having fun along the way. Creativity is coloring outside the lines, and entrepreneurship is living outside the box!™” Kennedy adds.

In this exciting and empowering 5-day tele-seminar:

  • JJK shares how he created and developed his creative ideas and businesses from the ground up and how you can do the same starting today!
  • JJK takes you on a unique guided visualization, Dream-Keeper/Gift-Giver™ to help you reconnect with your divine purpose in life and unlock your creativity gifts!
  • “There’s a book in all of us!" says Kennedy, who studied Creative Writing at Harvard University as an invited undergraduate, and incorporates fun and effective creative writing exercises that will help you to discover and write your unique life-story!
  • JJK teaches you important step-by-step business lessons from his The 72-Hour Entrepreneur™: How to Launch Your Dreams and Ideas into a Business Venture in only 3 Days!
  • JJK’s lessons include how to protect your intellectual property, how to write a business plan and executive business summary, ways to finance your dream or expand your cash flow, networking, marketing, branding, advertising, sales and more!
  • JJK helps to inspire you and build your self-esteem and self-confidence!
  • Questions & Answers
  • JJK assigns homework for each class
  • JJK records the calls for limited playback
  • JJK issues a Diploma/Certificate of Merit from JJK School of Entrepreneurship™ to all students that successfully complete his course.

The cost for JJK’s 5-day tele-seminar is only $399.00 (Reg. $799.00 value).
Early-bird sign up by April 5th, only $299.00!

Kennedy is also giving live seminars and speeches throughout the United States and other countries. His wide rage of dynamic and fascinating topics, drawn from his rich and unique life-experiences, include: Leadership, Spirituality for the 21st Century, Rising Out of the Ashes of Abuse (child, domestic, societal), The Wonderful Watery World of Whales, and many others.

Kennedy’s work and inspiring life-giving messages and speeches have reached television, radio, newspaper and live audiences of more than 100 million people in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, India, Africa, and other countries.

Availability for the April tele-conference is limited!

E-Mail today or register online at: for details and payment methods.

JJK’s 50-page instructional e-book and 5-hour CD package, Creativity & Entrepreneurship© is sold separately for only $199.00! Limited offer. See website to order online.

For more information or bookings, please e-mail Julio:

Please also direct all inquiries to join JJK’s Inner Circle™ ($5,000 VIP Membership Fee) to the same.

CONTACT: Mr. Julio Solorzano, JJK Support Staff/Public Relations

Phone 770-234-5877 or E-mail:


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At 9:43 PM, Blogger John Joseph Kennedy JJK said...



“I am pleased to recommend John Joseph Kennedy to the world of academia and business as a motivational speaker on creativity and entrepreneurship. His abilities to inspire people towards humanitarian ideals are known. I share his world vision.”

Dr. Leo Rebello, Author, World Peace Envoy & Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 Nominee--Bombay, India

At 9:52 PM, Blogger John Joseph Kennedy JJK said...

“I was motivated throughout the Seminar just by LISTENING to John Joseph Kennedy speak and the wisdom inherent within his voice and the words he chose to speak. He is a very clear thinker and teaches by example. This is the best motivator strategy in the world! I was inspired from day one, the first moment of the first Seminar. What most inspired me were JJK’s 24 Secrets to Success™ and the starting of writing my new book. John is a wise teacher who gives clear, concise objective counsel in the fields of business and creativity. He truly listens, acknowledges, and elaborates upon the comments and questions of those attending. He is unusually sensitive and offers business counsel that is grounded in knowledge, with a passion for excellence. Top notch!”

P L W, Writer & Musical/Symphony Composer

”Dear John…..I want to personally say thank you very much for such an excellent course! I did learn a LOT, especially about the gifts my little 7 year-old self had for me that I discovered through your Dream-Keeper/Gift Giver™ Guided Visualization. I also learned in class 4 and 5 the importance of delegating my work but getting rid of those who are dishonest and who do not have my best interests in mind. Thank you again, John. You are truly phenomenal!”

C. P. Television Producer & Radio Host

”I recommend John Joseph Kennedy's Creativity and Entrepreneurship as a unique conference that explores the spiritual dimension of business, and lifts entrepreneurship from a "profits only" to the prophetic dimension of true creative genius! JJK's unique blend of spiritual meditations, personal stories and business anecdotes helped me to understand and honor my creative process, and the evolution of my entrepreneurial talents. He also gave me solid and pragmatic steps to take to develop my ideas further. His course is simple, direct and delightful, and I have a more clear vision of my mission in life. JJK shattered the myth of privilege and entitlement, and presented me with a real experience of the power of love. I could see the new energy at work. How we, of all classes and races, can share our talents and inner spiritual beauty to uplift our world NOW!”

Adda S., Stage Director & Children's Creative Arts Educator

9:46 PM

“I would recommend all my friends to learn from John Joseph Kennedy's "Creativity and Entrepreneurship". I have been so excited since I got to learn the knowledge of how to find my inner self and purpose in life. I was excited and my energy was fully charged with delight in learning from John Kennedy’s excellent course, The Creative Evolution of an Intellectual Property©. Wow! What an amazing success for a small amount of time invested!!! Apart from the success in creating my products, JJK has made the seminar so much fun!!! Where can you find a mentor like JJK that help you make money while you learn with fun?”

Kwai Lan Chan, Imperial Feng Shui Master & Entrepreneur

9:46 PM

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At 11:00 PM, Blogger Macklin said...

My Name is Macklin Crux and I believe that the man claiming to be John Joseph Kennedy (in the above post) is a fraud, a chronic liar, a con-man and a sociopath. He has cheated many people out of a lot of money and according to those he has swindled, is a “lazy”, “fat”, “pathetic” person who has never done an honest day’s labor in his life. Please visit for a look into the exploits of this crook.


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